Twitter 101: Four Twitter Tips for Businesses

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Twitter, tweet’s and you

More than ever before, social media platforms are becoming the most prevalent ways for consumers to keep up with their favorite people, brands, and companies.  Twitter, in particular, has shown explosive growth, boasting more than 284 million active users.  That’s a lot of people that your brand can reach out to.

Clearly Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool for any business, but it can also be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the platform.  Here, then, are four tips for every Twitter expert in training:

Twitter Infographic - by Cleveland Seo Guy1. Find Followers:

Use the Twitter search function to find who’s talking about your product or service or others like it.  Talk to them, engage with them, and favorite tweets they make that you like.  Twitter users almost universally appreciate when their content gets attention, and some of these people will no doubt follow you.

If you find someone who talks almost exclusively about the type of product or service you offer, including other companies, feel free to give them a follow.  Just make sure you don’t follow too many people right off the bat – Twitter users are savvy and then can tell when you’re just trying to drum up followers.

2. Start Tweeting:

Many people treat Twitter as a sort of news feed, so share interesting links and bring up insightful discussion topics that your followers might be interested in.  If someone on your timeline said something great, retweet it – people love being retweeted, and feeling valued leads consumers to a sense of community and even brand loyalty.

3. Pick the Right Tweeting Schedule:

Post often, but not too often.  Your goal is to be an active Twitter account without spamming and potentially irritating your followers.  Perhaps start with one tweet every few hours and then adjust as needed.  Remember that you don’t have to count replies to other people in this count – only you, the person you’re replying to, and any mutual followers will be able to see these replies in your timeline.

You’re also going to want to be sure that you’re posting at the right time of day.  Don’t post your most important tweets when most of your fanbase is going to be asleep or away.

4. Develop a Personality:

A lot of businesses run a Twitter account, but many of these accounts are fairly forgettable.  Try to develop your own unique tweeting style.  Humor goes a long way, for example, as does someone who people can relate to.  People who sense a human voice behind a business’s Twitter account are more inclined to follow and engage with that business, because they feel as though they are on the same level.

Although Twitter may be intimidating to newcomers at first, taking the time to learn the best way to use it means great things for you and your business.  With a little bit of effort and practice and these four starter tips, you will be well on your way to a variety of new fans and followers in no time.


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