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Facebook, a giant social media platform launched in 2004, continues to grow in both active users and the total time spent on the platform. It is still a widely used social media channel with approximately 2.45 billion monthly active users. This explains the growing popularity of Facebook ads campaigns as an integral component of most […]

You already know how important your Facebook Business Page’s profile image can be when it comes to building and maintaining brand loyalty online. But are you taking full advantage of your chosen image? You might be wondering, after optimizing your profile picture for both mobile and web formats, if there is anything else you can […]

SEO is undergoing serious transformation.  As black hat SEO faces page ranking penalties for its anti-social antics—back doors, spammy links, and garble of stuffed-up keywords—serious-minded SEO is ready to put its most social face forward and steer more resources into charming the networks of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.  Websites that […]

YouTube is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. YouTube clocks millions of hours each day from viewers and generates billions of pageviews. Even if you draw a small percentage of that traffic, you can boost sales and visibility for your own site from YouTube videos. Optimizing videos is similar (yet different) to […]

Twitter, tweet’s and you More than ever before, social media platforms are becoming the most prevalent ways for consumers to keep up with their favorite people, brands, and companies.  Twitter, in particular, has shown explosive growth, boasting more than 284 million active users.  That’s a lot of people that your brand can reach out to. Clearly […]

Social media offers enormous potential when it comes to boosting brand identity & recognition. However, amidst the constant competition for audience attention, many businesses struggle to get the results they are looking for. In order to truly stand out, often all it takes a bit of effort and social media savvy. The techniques below offer […]