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Slow Website Awareness Check Is a slow website costing you sales? Well, you’re not alone. Even the largest e-commerce sites experience the same. With too much competition available online, you don’t want to lose a customer who has grown impatient to your slowly loading website. To demonstrate, a 1-second delay causes 16% decrease in customer […]

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of improving user satisfaction. Through UX design, the usability, accessibility, and pleasure involved in interacting with a product can be greatly improved. Put simply, UX Design is employed to make a product more fun, easy, and satisfying to use. Nowadays it is primarily used to enhance our interactions […]

Adobe just released another patch for a new vulnerability for its Flash player If you’re an old-school developer, you know that Flash was the de facto application for animation through web browsers. With the introduction of HTML5’s canvas tag in recent years, you no longer need to support a third-party system for your applications. It’s […]

Responsive web design is slowly becoming a standard rather than an option. Most analysts will tell you that mobile traffic is overtaking desktop traffic, so your company should cater to smaller screens and slower bandwidth or lose business to competitors. If you’re looking to upgrade your site to the latest responsive design, here are some […]

Website Development Services A lot of businesses rely on website development and SEO to market their products and services. Nowadays, it is convenient and effective to use the internet as a way to expand a business. Everyone is competing for the same opportunities online. Building of modern sites that allow search engine optimization has become common. […]