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Today’s consumers are busy and don’t have the energy or time to weigh a product’s benefits over another in a store. They just click a favorite and proceed to checkout. An estimated 95% of buying choices are made instinctively, according to a Harvard Business School professor. So, your business needs the right digital marketing agency that can […]

An Akron SEO expert could be what’s necessary for your Akron, Ohio business to thrive, transforming your success from so-so, to superb! Keep reading to learn how. Akron – Ohio’s fifth-largest city – is located in the beautiful Great Lakes region, close to Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River, which runs through the legendary Cuyahoga Valley […]

From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to one of the world’s greatest art museums, from the great outdoors to sports events, farmers markets, world-class restaurants and more, Cleveland – Ohio’s most densely populated city – is exciting, diverse and culturally rich, making it as well-suited to doing business as it is to living […]

The All About Me Page There are certain key pages any website or blog must have, and their absence can have a negative impact on search engine ranking. These include a privacy statement, ‘Contact Me’ details and an index. One of the pages most often overlooked is the ‘About Me’ page, and it’s a wasted opportunity […]

Let’s explore the benefits of infographics Content marketing with infographics has grown rapidly in recent times, with little sign that readers are growing tired of them. The ability to condense a lot of information into a simple graphic makes them easy to follow, but they can still impart well-researched knowledge. For the content creator, an […]

Many beginners struggle with email marketing Email marketing might not feel like the most up-to-date strategy, but it is still among the most effective. When it comes to building long-term relationships and converting prospects into buyers, email marketing gets consistent results. Email also has the added benefit of being easy to handle, particularly when you […]

Picture a Monopoly board Not one of the classics, but more like the special collector sets like The Simpsons or M&M Candy. Now, you could go around the board, picking up the cheaper properties, or maybe living off of railroads and utilities, and saving all of the money you earn. However, the other players in […]

The Google Penguin update that was launched on April 24, 2012 rocked the SEO industry. Not only did the update penalize countless websites that used shortcut methods in creating and promoting content, but it also transformed the way mass internet marketing works. In fact, a new manner of looking at things became necessary in order […]

A Message From The Columbus SEO Guy For local businesses, developing effective strategies for SEO in Columbus, Ohio is vital to long-term business success. There is no shortage of data that underwrites the claim that SEO is immensely important for businesses that are attempting to increase their online exposure. Developing an online presence is a […]

Cleveland-Style SEO Marketing can Help Your Business Grow SEO Marketing is the “in thing” when it comes to helping your business grow very fast. It is about the most cost effective marketing strategy out there today, and it promises to provide you with high return on investments. With SEO optimization, your business gets to grow faster […]