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What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a company’s most important salesperson, he/she sits at the computer writing copy and ads to promote a company’s products and services. Quality copywriting is a skill dependent on the power of a solid headline to grab the reader’s attention. The sole purpose of a headline is to convince people they need to read the information that follows. Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising on television, computers, tablets, smart phones, and in print. The headline is the first message people receive about your business.

Headlines serve four main purposes, and each one emphasizes the importance of writing an attention-getting phrase.

. Grab the reader’s attention

. Define the desired audience

. Give a full message

. Convince the reader to finish the content

It would appear that a headline containing all four of the above concepts is a difficult challenge, but many successful copywriters meet the challenge everyday. How do successful copywriters construct headlines to grab the consumer’s attention and become brand recognition for the companies they represent?

Grabbing Attention

One of the words that has been used for years, “free” is just as effective today as it was 25 years ago. There is, however, an important caveat to the effectiveness of a “free” campaign. Something in the offer must truly be free, and it must offer some substantial value. Look at the following examples of headlines using the word “free” and offering substantial value. 

. FREE Child’s Meal With Each Adult Meal

Another example of a successful headline asks a question.

. Can You Use An Extra $1000?

Who Is Your Audience?

It’s important that your headline be aimed at the correct target audience. The headline can screen out the people who are not potential customers. If your content is for the college crowd, indicate it in the headline. If the very wealthy are your target group, the headline should make that obvious. The following examples are headlines defining the preferred audience.

. Do You Have $10,000 You Can Afford To Invest?

. ABC Company Needs Certified Programmers.

Each of these headlines excludes people who don’t fit the right audience, but will capture the attention of those who fit the criterion. Engaging the right audience immediately is the result of a properly written headline.

Tell The Complete Message

Advertising specialists claim four out of five reader’s stop after reading the headline. If you want a chance to get those four reader’s attention, you need to include the complete message in your headline. Look at the following examples where the full message is in the headline.

. We Need To Hire Six Freelance Writers!

. Johnson’s U-Pick Strawberries Is Open

People read the main message in the headline. It contains all the details of the advertiser’s offer.

Convince Reader To Finish Content

Not all products can be sold with a beautiful photograph. The majority of product ads must provide potential buyers with information, sometimes technical, to compel the consumer to purchase the product. The headline must draw the reader into the full ad content. The following examples are written to lure the reader deeper into the ad.

. Why Is ABC Blender The Top Selling Blender Of All Time?

People who use blender’s a lot will want to know why the ABC brand is so much better than other brands, including the one they own.

. The Secrets To Success In An Online Business Are Unlocked!

People considering the startup of an online business will want to read the success secrets touted in the headline.

Good copywriting gets the attention of the right customers for your products.

You will improve your copywriting skills, when each of your headlines contains one of the four purposes listed above. 


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