Why The About Me Page Is So Important On Your Website


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The All About Me Page

There are certain key pages any website or blog must have, and their absence can have a negative impact on search engine ranking. These include a privacy statement, ‘Contact Me’ details and an index. One of the pages most often overlooked is the ‘About Me’ page, and it’s a wasted opportunity if your website doesn’t have one. If you check Google Analytics or another website data tool, you may be surprised how often your About Me page is visited.

The About Me page for a business website can be a shop window to draw people in to find out more. It should include key information about your company and build trust with a visitor. In addition to explaining when your company was set up, it should include details of your location, key products and services and the number of staff you have. It’s also a good idea to explain your company’s vision. 

Keep information on your About Me page short and to the point. Re-direct visitors to other pages where you can expand on points of interest. For example, an explanation of the number of employees you have could link to a ‘Meet The Team’ page. People like to know who they are dealing with, and photographs of key members of staff can help them to connect with your business. The tone of an About Me page for a business website should be professional and precise, but don’t be afraid to use humor and show your human side if it’s appropriate to your trade sector.

Remember that your About Me page is an opportunity to sell your company to a potential prospect. List any awards you’ve won or been nominated for, and include testimonials if you have them. Describe major achievements and key customers you’ve worked for. Think from the perspective of visitors coming to your website for the first time, and ask yourself what will they want to know before taking the decision to deal with you. How can you make your company stand out from competitors?

Photographs and video clips can be used to good effect on About Me pages. A picture of you or your staff may be all that’s needed, but you could also include a picture of your business premises or products. A video clip of a customer using one of your products or talking about how satisfied they have been with your service can work well in some industries.

An About Me page shouldn’t be a hard sell, but the content should be persuasive and convince a visitor that you have something of value to offer. It helps to think about why existing customers deal with you. Do you offer a solution to a problem? Do you have a unique product? Good sales copy focuses on benefits to the potential consumer. 

An About Me page is an essential section of any website or blog. Spend time writing the content and make sure you keep the contents relevant and up to date as your business grows.

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