Content – The #1 Most Powerful SEO Trick Ever!

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Good content is more important than most people realize today. It’s more significant than discounted prices, attractive web design, and multiple products and services. After all, if you can’t get people to your website, how are you going to promote anything on it?

Trying to get visibility on the web is essential for your business, but how you go about it is even more important. If you attempt to do it the wrong way, you’ll never get noticed because your website will end up in the land of the obscure and unvisited. No one will link to it, tweet about it, give it a Google +1, or like it on Facebook. It might as well not exist.

If you fill your web pages, tweets, and posts with quality content that grabs your viewer’s attention, giving them something to explore, talk about, or drool over, you are going to get them (and a lot of their friends or followers) over to your website much sooner than simply waiting for them to discover how cool your graphics are. While your site’s design is important too, it’s the content that the search engines love.

Content-Driven Results

It’s good content that gets you to the first page of SERPS, and it’s excellent content that places your website above all of the others similar to it, allowing it to take its rightful place as the king or queen of that particular niche of the wide world of the web. Vibrant, quality text produces an effervescent energy that simply draws people to it, creating a natural growth of links that almost has Google snatching it up in delight!

While what you write about makes a difference, the manner in which you put your words together is going to determine just how quickly your posting meets with the kind of success you envision for it. You might not even get noticed for your chosen keywords. After all, web users are fickle, moving on from one topic to the next.

Cogitating, Creating, and Composing

How long does it take to create an excellent, searchable, readable, I’ve-got-something-to-show-you piece of content? It depends – on how good you are as a writer, whether or not your mood is in the right zone, and how well-versed you are in what you are writing about on any given day. If all of those aspects are at the max, you can clearly write about anything and do it in such a way that the web is your oyster and all you have to do is cultivate that pearl of success sitting in its center.

If you want a little help in creating great content, you can follow a few tips that should make it easier as well as give you the permission you need to take out all the stops and master the piece like you own it, because you really should if you want it to capture a following. Here’s what you need to remember:

  • You have a distinctive viewpoint that enables you to write differently than anyone else. If you can think, you can write. Add your personality to everything you write. Your readers are either going to love you or hate you, but the ones that love you are going to become loyal followers.
  • Share what you know freely. Knowledge is empowering, especially if you provide it as an enticement for more of the same.
  • Limit your sales pitch within your posting. Subtlety is not lost on today’s crowds. They’re quick to spot blatant attempts to sell, but they are just as fast in catching a reference to something they might be interested in buying. All you need is a link and an authoritative reference, not an entire dialogue.
  • Yesterday’s keywords are passé. You don’t want yesterday’s visitors because they’ve already found what they want. You want to move ahead, be a discoverer, and forge your own path by figuring out what web users are going to look for next.
  • Provide ideas, inspiration, and advice, but do it for free. People love getting something for nothing, and this strategy actually encourages them to follow your call to action.
  • Don’t forget audio learners! Some people enjoy video/audio more than actual text. Create a few videos with those individuals in mind and cater to their needs, especially if you want them as repeat visitors to your site.

If you still don’t feel like you can compose something worthwhile for your visitors, you can always consider a professional SEO content writer to help you. Experience might not be everything, but sometimes, greatness is born from it. If you embrace the idea that good content is the #1 most powerful SEO trick ever, then it follows that you are going to tap into its power. It gets you quality links, a steady stream of potential customers, and recognition. It gets you want you want, and it does it repeatedly, because it truly is your key to success.


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