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SEO is undergoing serious transformation.  As black hat SEO faces page ranking penalties for its anti-social antics—back doors, spammy links, and garble of stuffed-up keywords—serious-minded SEO is ready to put its most social face forward and steer more resources into charming the networks of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.  Websites that optimally use social media sites to build a direct relationship with their clients or customers stand to rise in the rankings and those that use social sites to build links from solid interactions with social network users increase their SEO viability.

Why Do Social Media Websites Affect Your Website?

Perhaps you are a law firm with global interests, a rural stable that boards ponies, or a budding genealogist trying to piece together a family tree; if all of these enterprises have websites, they need to think about social SEO and social media sites if they want their sites to rise in the rankings.  For most, higher rankings translate into greater traffic which can translate into revenue.  If you’re the genealogist, it means more hits to your site and possibly more input for your family tree. 

The fact is that social media sites are absorbing whole populations—these are the sites people go to.  If you are in the business of needing people to be clients, customers, supporters, etc…you need to be present on these sites to reach them online.  What research is suggesting is that it’s one of the best areas to connect with people online–which is why Google is recommending SEO get social.  If the idea of Facebook makes you queasy, consider that there are more than two hundred social media platforms that may be a better fit for your organization.  Consider, Elixio, or CafeMom for example.  A presence on a few sites that are a good match for your business is essential.     

How Can Your SEO Increase Its Social Stature?

There are plenty of sensible ways to enhance your social SEO which may, in turn, lead to increased page ranking status with Google.  Optimally, your organization already has social media accounts, but if not, be sure to register—yesterday!  Once accounts have been registered, the following tips can help provide your SEO makeover. 

Connect with People / Establish a Following

SEO experts assert that a large following is better than a small one in order to get Google’s attention.  Although numbers don’t count for all, they do represent your organization’s reach on social media sites.  The more individuals that retweet your content, like it, or share it, the further your company reaches across the network.  This can certainly lead to higher page rank. 

Post Consistently / Provide Relevant Content

Google’s algorithms notice activity, so the more consistently you provide relevant content that generates the circle of likes, retweets, and shares and that even directs traffic to your website, the more you will appear relevant to Google.  Of course, this strategy doesn’t merely benefit your company in terms of the search engines; it provides a substantial connection to your customer or fan base.  Content may come in various forms—new pictures (products, employees, related news, etc…), status updates (big sale, change in website, upcoming events, etc…), or videos (tutorials, a hosted event, a demonstration, etc…).   Each type of content generates a buzz and the bigger the buzz, the more likely Google will look fondly at your site.

Be Human

Even if you sell anything from magnets to robotics—be human and be creative.  The key to interacting with other humans on social networking sites is to be interesting.  Selling garbage cans in itself may not strike even the company CEO as entertaining, but imagine posts like the ways various countries tackle their waste management, interesting things people have found in the garbage, how households can minimize garbage, etc…All social media campaigns need to generate interest in order to capitalize on their connections and create a social presence.

Find a Good Marketer

Social media website campaigns do not run themselves.  Moreover, it is no longer a job that can simply be added to the office manager’s routine.  It has blossomed into a career in itself.  A savvy marketer who can handle the industry’s blog and online marketing campaigns is a smart direction to steer resources.  Ideally, this individual will be a great writer with knowledge of analytics so all efforts can be assessed and built upon for increased success. 

Google is increasing the requirement for human interaction on the Internet.  As gimmicks begin to go away and more user-friendly content becomes the outcome of our searches, the internet becomes far more relevant—even essential—to the people who use it.  Social SEO is a positive way to connect with people online and it seems that the more social a company can be, the more likely a simple Google search will highlight it with an early a great page rank. 


Picture of the Cleveland Seo Guy - Danny ToddThe Cleveland SEO Guy, Danny Todd says 'It’s not what you sell; it’s how you sell it. He understands that sometimes the best brands get left behind because their web design and SEO has become outdated. The Internet is always changing! Google and the other search engines are always adapting! Keep your brand current and reach Google’s #1 spot.

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