5 Things to do When Creating an SEO Strategy

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What’s Your SEO Strategy?

Many people fail to actually plan an SEO strategy, and this can doom a web presence from the start. Creating an internet presence is more than just putting up a blog or a website. A website is useless if nobody reads it. Strategic planning is crucial to a successful web presence, and here are a few fundamental steps involved with creating an SEO strategy.

Know Your Audience

It is vital to be aware of the target audience. An SEO strategy is more than just keywords and search engines. What is the target age group and gender? What type of material will grab their attention? This is the kind of information that will provoke successful keywords. Noteworthy keywords are geared toward a specific audience and that audience must first be identified.

The Competition

It is incredibly important to know the competition in this arena. What keywords are the competition using? How are their results stacking up? Are there any keywords that are already performing well? If so, then where are the backlinks coming from? The answers to these questions should be used to gauge a direction. They will be a good indication of expected performance factors. Top performance strategies can be replicated while others should be overlooked.

Optimize Current Presence

Is there a current visible search engine presence? Is the webpage optimized or is it even recognized at all? If not, then there is a lot of work to do. Even so, there is still probably much to be done. The current presence should be heavily scrutinized so that it can be constantly improved. The website should be readable by all the most popular search engines, not just the one or two with the most market share. It is also wise to optimize for mobile traffic as it has now exceeded desktop traffic.

Backlink Business

It is important for a website to provide links to several other trusted sites. This helps make the mother site more important in the eyes of the search engines. In addition, strong social signals generally fare better in the search engines. The website should be easy to share and like on the social platforms. Spend some time researching social meta-tags. It is well worth it.

KeyWords and Search Phrases

The last, but certainly not least, part of an SEO strategy is a correctly executed keyword list and search phrase. The days of general keywords and search phrases are a thing of the past. They may encompass a large search volume but all is lost if they are not geared toward a specific buying audience. Longer-tail search queries typically have less competition and can be geared toward a specific market. This is an integral part of a successful SEO strategy. Huge search volume is useless if it finds no targeted traffic.

Keep these things in mind when it comes time to create an SEO strategy. Understanding the purchase patterns of targeted traffic is necessary. Optimization and research are indispensable. All of these things intermingle in the world of search engine optimization. One cannot exist successfully without the other. They are building blocks in the huge internet puzzle. An outstanding SEO strategy is vital to success in the modern society of technology.


Picture of the Cleveland Seo Guy - Danny ToddThe Cleveland SEO Guy, Danny Todd says 'It’s not what you sell; it’s how you sell it. He understands that sometimes the best brands get left behind because their web design and SEO has become outdated. The Internet is always changing! Google and the other search engines are always adapting! Keep your brand current and reach Google’s #1 spot.

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