What Graphic Designers Really Hate?

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How graphic designers are hired at very low wages, and how people keep on annoying them because of multiple tasks as well as haggling is explained in this infographic. The first thing which annoys most of the graphic designers is that they are asked to work for free. And most of the graphic designers are compelled to work for free because they are convinced by many hirers that this will make their portfolio strong. Making portfolio is a good thing, in fact, amazing, but designers also need to consider the cost of living. So it is better that apart from paying the portfolio of designers strong, you should also pay them.

A picture of an infographic titled: What Designers Really Hate?

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Another thing that annoys many graphic designers is that they are continuously compared to other designers which are available online and who can work at comparatively lower prices. The thing is that a professional; person cannot be compared to a non-professional person. Besides, many designers have formal education as well as years of experience in relevant field, but hirers seem to neglect this fact, and they are only concerned with hiring people at very low prices. You can have a look at the portfolio of the designer and then you can decide the worth of his work that he will be doing for you. Do not compare a designer to other designers, just look at his portfolio.

When a designer is hired, at this point haggling is minimal, but when it comes to the matter of paying when the task is finished, people haggle endlessly. When the work is done, people find one mistake or the other, and thus don’t pay the proper money that was first agreed upon. Companies should also keep in mind that graphic designing is a highly creative task and it is not a fish market where everything will be available at very low prices. Another option for designers to earn money is by designing creative T-shirts and then selling them at SunFrog.

Another annoying thing for designers is that most of the times, they are asked to work with flattened files like JPG, and PDF. There is a limit to this, and you cannot always keep on sending designers these files. Send them files that are easy to work with. Also, keep that in mind that sending MS Word files with full of photo albums to graphic designers is also very annoying for them. The worst thing is that you keep on asking to rescale different low-resolution photos without losing the sharpness.


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