Why Your Business should be Blogging

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Newpaper Headline showing blogging & social media taking over the world.To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogging has become one of the most popular and effective ways to provide content on the internet. Company blogs enable organizations to publish their own content and media. For businesses, blogging is a non-negotiable factor in the world of online marketing. Blogging provides an inexpensive way to establish and maintain your relationship with your clients and prospects.

Blogging also helps companies position themselves as authorities in their respective industries. One study showed that 61% of customers were more likely to buy from companies that crafted their own content. In order for your online marketing efforts to succeed, you must have a blog.

What is Blogging?

The word “blog” is a shortened form of the word “weblog.” It is a website that individuals or companies can use to write about their interests, viewpoints, and ideas. For your company, it is a central location on your website where you will publish your own articles or “blog postings.” You can use it to provide service to your customers, offer valuable information, and make company announcements.

When it comes to the world of online marketing, the role of the blog is to offer relevant, high-value content to your company’s audience. It is used solely to provide value to your readers and engage with your audience, not to sell your products or services.

What are the Benefits?

Blogging is increasingly becoming recognized as one of the most effective tools your business can use to brand yourself and create new leads. When it is used to engage with your audience, it will drive sales by establishing a loyal audience that buys into your brand. If they buy into your brand, they will buy your product or service.

If you aren’t sure whether or not blogging will help you connect better with your customers, ask them! In one study, 60% of customers actually reported feeling better about purchasing from a business after reading their online content. Blogging as a marketing tool is an invaluable resource for any small or large business. 

Blogging and Thought Leadership - Picture of a man sitting on a cliff thinking.Thought Leadership

If you want to truly grow your company, you will need to become a thought leader in your industry. Providing useful and engaging online content can take you from just another company to an established leader. 

If your audience thinks of your company’s website as the first place they will go when they have a question about your industry, you have succeeded in becoming a thought leader in your field. An effective online marketing campaign that uses your blog as your main provider of content will move you into the ranks of thought leadership.

Other benefits of blogging include:  

• The ability to passively generate leads at all hours.  

• Better search engine performance. This will make you more visible when prospective clients search for your product or service online.

• A more effective way to define and establish your brand.

If you want to establish your online presence and maintain it in a way that drives sales, you must start blogging. Craft an effective social media strategy and get started today!  – The Cleveland SEO Blog.


Picture of the Cleveland Seo Guy - Danny ToddThe Cleveland SEO Guy, Danny Todd says 'It’s not what you sell; it’s how you sell it. He understands that sometimes the best brands get left behind because their web design and SEO has become outdated. The Internet is always changing! Google and the other search engines are always adapting! Keep your brand current and reach Google’s #1 spot.

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