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Category Archives: Advertising & Marketing

Web Content - A picture of an old vintage typewriter with the inscription

Should You Outsource Your Web Content?

Websites fail if they don't feature interesting web content This is why so many webmasters outsource, but this isn't without its dangers, even…
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What Graphic Designers Really Hate?

How graphic designers are hired at very low wages, and how people keep on annoying them because of multiple tasks as well as…
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A picture of an outdoor billboard with the word

Billboard Advertising | The Digital Mobile Billboard Alternative

Mobile Billboard Advertising The billboard is a mainstay of outdoor advertising, but there's a new alternative: digital mobile billboard advertising vehicles, which put…
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An Introduction to UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of improving user satisfaction. Through UX design, the usability, accessibility, and pleasure involved in interacting with…
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Content Marketing

Content – The #1 Most Powerful SEO Trick Ever!

Good content is more important than most people realize today. It's more significant than discounted prices, attractive web design, and multiple products and…
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Copywriting 101 | Writing An Attention Getting Headline

What is a Copywriter? A copywriter is a company's most important salesperson, he/she sits at the computer writing copy and ads to promote…
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5 Exceptional Benefits of Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing 101 Over the past decade, the marketing industry has completely revolutionized and turned on its head. The massive expanse and reach of…
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